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Well, 2014 was a quite year, but a busy one.. It’s laid the bedrock for a noisy 2015, with a solo project ready for your ears and numerous collaborations from all over, these include work from Max Cooper, Hugo Kant, Dj Vadim, Ross PTH, LA’s Anthony Valadez, NYC’s Nicodemus and Frameworks Brewer..

Since some stones aren’t destined to gather moss, 2014 was spent between London, Los Angeles, Brighton and Sydney. A collection of new songs written to a lovely red Fender p frankenstein bass called Annie is ready for your ears..
October 2013 called for a very excellent drummer to join the project- and there appeared the most excellent Aram Zarikian. In the following month the project called for strings, and voila- the very excellent Vince Sipprell appeared on Viola. The three elements give a strong pair of sturdy legs to a live project of heavy analogue sounds. Expect overdriven baselines, the jangle of country-blues inspired fingerpicking folk and haunting melodies.

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