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“My natural successor.” – John Peel
“The world’s finest curator of music.” – Matt Black – Ninja Tune

Many of the most influential and significant acts that have shaped electronic music over the past 30 years have Mixmaster Morris to thank for playing a significant role in their early careers. He has consistently championed artists who have gone on to achieve greatness, long before anyone else had heard of them.

His musical career began at 15 years old with The Ripchords way back in the 1970s. He went on to become The Shamen’s tour DJ, write for The NME, record for labels such as Ninja Tune (which was born out of an idea Morris planted in the minds of Coldcut while on tour together in Japan), Rising High, and Positiva. He was part of the team that was Kiss FM when it was still a pirate station. He has produced remixes for acts such as The Shamen, Lloyd Cole, Higher Intelligence Agency, INXS and Sven Vath. His remix of Autumn Leaves for Coldcut has become an all time classic.

His albums Flying High and Global Chillage are the definitive chillout albums, much treasured by his many thousands of followers worldwide, especially in his beloved Japan where he is held in very high esteem by fans of all ages.

He was instrumental in founding The Big Chill festival and still has a residency at The Big Chill Bar, home to his Nubient sessions for over 10 years. Although known as “The Godfather of Chillout” his repertoire is vey wide and eclectic. He expertly tailors the mix to the event, venue and audience which is reflected by the fact that he consistently tops several Mixcloud charts, regularly featuring in the over all ‘Trending’ top 10, with every mix he publishes.

He is currently working on several bespoke mixes and remixes and the initial stages of a new album which is eagerly awaited by his multitude of followers on and off social media.

It is impossible to fit everything there is to say about Mixmaster Morris into a few paragraphs. It would take three books and a film to begin to scratch the surface. He is a phenomenon, a legend and an Irresistible Force.

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